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The Buzz for August 9, 2013

Now, for those of you that have been winning with us, thanks and congratulations.

For the rest of who want to get in on the action, let me tell you a little more about what we do.  Once you decide you're ready to start winning just scroll up and click on the 'Become a Member' tab at the top of this page.

The first thing is we specialize in MLB action only! One key is being able to consistently pick winners. Nobody wins 100%.  Nobody wins 70% consistently.  Our goal is 62.5%. Through years of testing our system we've discovered that this is an easily achievable number and paired with our money management system can lead to big profits.  Since the start of the second half of the season we have a 60.7% winning percentage and are up over 22 units.  Check for yourself at  Click Here to start your own winning streak now!

Money management is the key to it all.  We'll never tout anything as a "mortal lock" or "game of the century", but there are games that we lean on a little more heavily than others.  We will label all of our picks LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, or LEVEL 3

LEVEL 1 - These are picks that produce a clear winner based on system metrics, but something about recent trends, the weather, or the pitching matchup could make it a little less predictable.  We play 4% of our bankroll on these games.

LEVEL 2 - These are games that our system predicts a winner with 66% likelihood.  This is not a claim that we win 66% of these picks, but that our system says a particular team has an 66% chance of winning.  We play 8% of our bankroll on these games.

LEVEL 3 - These are games which our system predicts a certain team has a 75% chance of winning and no outside factors cause any concern for unpredictability. These games we play 12% of our bankroll on.

The reality is that winning big betting on sports is not easy, and few people have the time to do it right.  Most people who try lack discipline, get frustrated, and chase losses until their bankroll is empty.  Let us do the hard part of picking the winners and helping you with your betting strategy so that your hardest decision is how you're going to spend all of your money!  Click Here to Become a Member Today!

Free for July was a great success for us (and our members!)  Now, we have a new promotion for August. Any new followers on our Twitter account @9XHandiman will receive a link to a $5 week of all MLB plays!

Happy betting, and as always, be safe and responsible.

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About Us

Head capper, Martin Davis, has more than 10 years experience as a professional bettor and more than 15 years playing, coaching, and handicapping the game of baseball.  Now, he's ready to share his expertise with you!


9XHandicappers will provide you with not only daily picks, but in-depth analysis and the up-to-date news we use to find the winners.  Check out our documented success at 

Our Commitment

Martin Davis is as committed to your creation of wealth through sports betting as he was his own.  He is committed to getting you the win.  It is important that you do your part and use the information obtained through this site responsibly and legally.  As Martin's mentor often said, "the most successful felon is still a failure."

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