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We're ready to help you cash in just like we have been all season with hundreds of MLB Games.  We use sophisticated algorithms that utilize the same sabermetrics used by today's General Managers to pick their players to pick our winners.  We win at a higher percentage than their teams do, though. These algorithms are also used to create a betting strategy based on betting 1, 2, or 3 units according to the probability of the win and the value of the available betting line.  A unit usually consists of $100 - $500. But our system is great for those starting with a smaller bankroll and smaller betting units as well. Currently, our free-use players playing $500 units are up over $14,000 since the weekend before the All-Star break. Our record since the All-Star Break is documented at Monitor Sports Picks and we will be releasing our picks live and free on Twitter through July 31.  A link to our Twitter account is on our homepage.  Come August 1, no more freebies, but below are your options to sign up with us to keep receiving our picks and cashing in.  

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